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What You'll Get


1. 15 Days of Support & Extreme Satisfaction

  • NutraBurst® liquid multivitamin powerhouse
  • Fruit Punch Iaso® Instant Tea for a refreshing cleanse
  • NRG to perk you up and power you through your day

2. Fun Tips for Getting Fit

  • Healthy Meal Options
  • Diet & Nutrition Tips
  • Not So Ordinary Workouts & Fun Fitness Challenges

3. Community Support

  • A Supportive Facebook Group
  • 24/7 Advice & Encouragement
  • Motivation and Recognition

Others Who Took the Challenge….


“This 15 day My Health Matters Challenge was what I needed to kick my butt back where I needed to be, fighting again for MY health and encouraging and inspiring my family to be healthier. I VOWED TO BREAK GENERATIONAL HEALTH CURSES IN MY FAMILY. But I knew I first had to work, like the Tao painting, back into that Faith of a mustard seed. I see muscle definition, weight loss, eating healthier, meal prepping, and meditating more. I gained upper and lower body strength, and most importantly, I’m mentally healthier.”

- Carmen Rowe


"This challenge has shifted me, so I remember my "Why." I'm remembering that I must continue to take control of my health because my health matters. I'm now eating cleaner foods and taking all 5 of my products daily. I'm feeling amazing, strong, happy, beautiful, and confident. I have lost a little over 10 lbs. while in this challenge. My energy level is high, and my body feels lighter."

- Adriane Crawford


“Lucky for me, my husband had been introduced to a company called TLC, and they were having a #MyHealthMatters challenge. I knew right then that God was saying to me, “Hey Tina, this is for you!” This challenge was exactly what I needed at the right time. I am so excited about what I have accomplished in the last 15 days, and I look forward to continuing this journey. I’m not done yet; I’m only at the beginning! My husband is blazing the trail to spread the TLC LOVE in Kentucky, and I am excited to share my story to hopefully inspire others to make the changes they need to live a healthy life. I am so grateful to God for sending the TLC family to us, and I look forward to what’s next!! Thank you so much for giving me the inspiration to take my life back!”

- Tina Bickett

How It Works


Each day, you will have your three products to take. Make sure to take them according to the packaging suggestions and set an alarm on your phone, so you don’t forget!


Get moving! We suggest at least 30 minutes of daily activity to stay healthy and get that blood pumping! Take a walk, join a pilates class, or work out with friends and keep each other accountable.


You will have access to a community of people who are making their health a priority. This is a great place to share your experiences, make friends, and even try new recipes, workouts, or motivational mindsets.


Product Overview


A Premium Liquid Multivitamin

Go from zero to hero with a powerful burst of essential vitamins and minerals to exceed your daily expectations.*


A Supercharged Dietary Supplement

Get ready for liftoff! A power-packed pill designed to burn fat, stimulate your mood and improve mental focus.*

Fruit Punch Instant Iaso® Tea

A Delicious Dietary Supplement

Jumpstart your digestion. Enjoy a healthy daily cleanse with this refreshing formula designed to reduce appetite, provide gentle bowel movements and support your weight management program.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Not intended for use by children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or taking medications, consult your physician prior to use.